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2018 NANJI ART SHOW IV [Blood Parasitism]
2018 NANJI ART SHOW IV [Blood Parasitism]
  • Period
    2018-10-04 ~ 2018-10-14
  • Exhibition time
    pm2:00-6:00 (Closed on Mon)
  • Venue
    NANJI Exhibition Hall 1, 2
  • Participating Artist
    Park Kyung Ryul, Kwang-Ju Son, Minwook An, Anna So Young Han, Jaeyeon Chung
  • Event
    Openning Reception: 2018.10.4.(Thur) 5:00pm
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is the Forth exhibition of the 2018 NANJI ART SHOW by the artists of the 12th SeMA Nanji Residency, a program operated by the Seoul Museum of Art. Organized by the artists currently in residency, this exhibition series is held regularly in 7 sessions, until the end of November, 2018.

In zoology, brood parasitism is a strategy practiced by some species of birds, like cuckoos, who lay their eggs in the nest of another bird and trick the host bird into raising the baby chick for them. In the fourth Nanji Art Show , each of five artists in different mediums, is both the host bird and the parasite bird. They deliberately adopt, borrow, recycle or sample
aspects of pre-existing art works by the other artists, and recontextualize them in their art. In this way, the exhibition focuses on articulating all semantic, associative, representational
influence of artists on each other within a single art work.