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Artists/ Researchers

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Yongju KWON

2002 BA University of Seoul, Environmental sculpture

Solo Exhibition

2014 Tying, Daelim Museum Project Space D
2011 Waterfall_Structure of Survival, Munrae Art Factory, Seoul, Korea
2010 Buoylight, Insa art space, Art council Korea, Seoul
2002 Former) Spa, Parking area, Seo-ung medical company, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibition

2016 Floating concrete, Doosan gallery, New York, USA
2015 System planning, Sangsangmadang, Seoul
2015 Rhythm scape, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan-si
2015 Real DMZ, Art Sonje Center, Seoul
2015 The Grass Rises, Art Space Pool, Seoul
2014 Young Korean Artist, MMCA. Gwacheon-si
2014 Waterfall, Gallery Hyundai window. Seoul
2014 Silent review, Changdong residency exhibition hall. Seoul
2014 Open studio, Geumcheon art factory, Seoul Art Space
2014 Doosan curator workshop exhibition, Doosan gallery, Seoul
2013 Art on Farm, Jim Thompson Farm, Thailand
2013 Gunpo International Art Residency, Geumjung pachulso, Gunpo-si
2013 A House yet Unknown, Art Space Pool, Seoul
2013 On-Mobility, Gallery Factory, Seoul
2012 Play Time, Culture Station Seoul 284
2012 So We Side With You. Art Space Pool, Seoul
2012 Above Your head, below their feet, Seoul New Media Festival, Seoul
2012 Project – A cabinet in the washing machine, Seodaemungu recycling center
2011 Piece like a river, space 99, Seoul
2011 music video screening show ‘millions of…’ with mixrice’s publication party,
ggooollpool, Seoul
2011 No Excavation, Art space pool, Seoul,
2010 Honorable Citizen Award, Art space pool, Seoul
2010 In Absentia, Dongduk art gallery
2010 Day of confidence, art space pool & art space ggooollpool, Seoul
2010 Seogyo Sixty 2010 The Imaginary Archive, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul
2010 Daily Opening, gallery 175, Seoul
2009 Evanescent Landscape, Tongui-dong, Bo an yeo kwan, Seoul
2008 Spring Art Show, ‘Salon des Refusés’, space C, Seoul


2016 SeMA Nanji Residency
2013 Gunpo International Art Residency,
2013 Geumcheon Art Factory, Seoul Art Space, Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture
2011 Gunsan Art Residency, Gunssan, Korea
2010 Ggoollpool, Seoul

Concours / Fellowship

2014 Tying, D project space, Daelim Museum, Seoul
2011 Waterfall _ Structure of Survival, Munrae Art Factory, Seoul Foundation of Art & Culture
2010 Buoy Light, Insa Art Space, Arts Council Korea
2010 Public art project, ‘dong-dong-dong’, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2005 Jeune creation 2005, Paris, France


2013 Art on Farm, Jim Thompson Farm, Thailand
2010 Public art project, ‘dong-dong-dong’, Ministry of culture, Seoul