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KIM Woonghyun
2013 Graduated from Kookmin University, majored in painting, MA, MA
2011 Kookmin University, College of Fine Arts, Painting major, BS

Solo Exhibition
2016 [Legacy of the Void series ] '1. Hell bovine & pony ', Westwarehouse, Seoul
2016 [Legacy of the Void series ] '2. 20th century EXPO boys', Acibavision, Seoul
2016 [Legacy of the Void series ] '3. Show me the money ', seendosi, Seoul
2011 'MANvsW.Wild.W', Gyeonggi Creation Center, Gyeonggi

Major planning exhibition
2016 'Intuitive Landscape', Arario Gallery, Seoul
2016 'Decadent Art Exhibition', Art Space Pool, Seoul
2015 'Head Lone Store', Trading Post, Seoul
2015 'Goodies' (Helbo and Pony), Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul
2014 'state reference', trading office, Seoul
2014 '3D Printing Art', Sabine Museum, Seoul

2012 'The 2nd Happiness Travel Grant', Grand Prize, Ilhye Museum of Art, Seoul
2012 Selected artist of 'Central Art Festival', Joongang Ilbo, Seoul

2017 Seoul City Nanji Art Creation Center, Seoul
2015 Residency in the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Changdeok Planning Artist, Seoul
Residents in Daejeon creative center in 2014, Daejeon
2011-2013 Gyeonggi Creative Center Residency Residents Artist, Competition

2016 ’Perform 2016' Planner, Seoul
2014-15 'Project MOUNT' Planner, Seoul