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Rho Eunjoo
2016 M.F.A, Department of Fine Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
2012 B.F.A, Department of Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition
2013 "Situation /leaning against", Space Willing N Dealing (Seoul, Korea)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 "The Cameraperson", Gallery 175 (Seoul, Korea)
2016 "Scatter Gather", Insa Art Space (Seoul, Korea)
2015-16 "PT&Critic 2013 Reunion", Space Willing N Dealing (Seoul, Korea)
2015 "Dongkyu Kim 'nformel Logbook' publishing exhibition", Project Space 1F, Art Sonje Center (Seoul, Korea)
2015 "A Form of Self", Dongduk art gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2015 "Jahamun-ro 57-6", Jahamun-ro 57-6 (Seoul, Korea)
2014 "Today's Salon", COMMON CENTER (Seoul, Korea)
2013 "Memory of two city : from Gwanghwamun to Tiananmen", Seoul citizens hall gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2013 "Drawn to drawing", Gallery 175 (in Seoul) , Gallery NAKAI (in Kyoto), Gallery KAZE (in Osaka) (Seoul, Korea) (Kyoto, Osaka, Japan)
2012 , Seoul Art Space Seogyo (Seoul, Korea)

Co-Curated Exhibitions
2016 "Scatter Gather", Insa Art Space (Seoul, Korea)
2015 "Jahamun-ro 57-6/No Hand day", Jahamun-ro 57-6 (Seoul, Korea)

2012 Arts and Culture Young artist supporting project ‘NArt’ (Seoul Foundation, Korea)

2017 SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY 11th (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)