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Juri CHO

Juri Cho has worked within the fields special exhibitions, visual culture research and writing. She studied psychology, art history and culture policy and is currently conducting her doctoral studies within the major program of the Seoul National University’s Design History and Cultural Studies Department.

She has worked in responding to urgent matters within the art community while mediating promotional projects based in research originating from her own curiosity. Over the last few years as she gained work experience at various institutes, she has dedicated her interest to producing exhibitions that are structurally grounded in the conversions and methodology of the new creative environments of today’s artists.

Cho also carries a similar interest in the experimental role of a curator that has evolved within the history of Korean exhibition culture.
Since her being selected as the premiere artist of the ‘Republic of the Two,’ a public promotional event of the Arko Art Center in 2013, she has continually held various kinds of exhibitions within the public sector. Among her recent exhibitions, the (Post Territory Ujeongguk, 2016) featured the critical rearranging and discussing of the long-term research of artists. The Korea-Taiwan curatorial research project’s final exhibition, having been run since 2015, served as the platform for introducing the to the public. (Arko Art Center, 2016).

From last year, Cho has been focusing more intently on personal research while occasionally partnering with different institutes. As the Asean Culture House and Korea Foundation honorary curator, she has contributed to both the Asean local survey research and exhibition planning based on those research results.

She also joined in the 12th program of the SeMa Nanji Residency, collaborating with other artists for the cooperative performance, , and the publishing project, . Simultaneously, as part of her individual research, she is continuously developing the publishing and exhibition program as a long-term project, which offers a new haute couture together with creative artists based on the critical research of the textile colonization, women’s labor and textile manufacturers. (Total Museum of Contemporary Art, 2018).