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Chongwoon Choi
Chongwoon Choi

2002 BA in Sculpture, Chung-ang University, Seoul, Korea
2006 M.F.A in Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, England

Solo Exhibitions
2018 ‘This is Orchestra’ KIMSEJOONG MUSEUM, Seoul
2016 ‘Above and Beyond’ CL Gallery, Seoul
2013 ‘We are not alone’ Space CAN Beijing, Beijing
2012?‘The Title Match’?TV12 Gallery, Seoul
2011?‘Vertical Sea-red’?Seoul Art Space HONGEUN, Seoul
2010?‘Contemplative tension’?Kwanhoon?Gallery, Seoul
2009?‘Super Rainbow’?Jincheon?Bell Museum,?Jincheon
2008?‘Calmtension’?KIMI ART, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 ‘MEDIA CITY’, Yangpyeoung art museum, Yangpyeoung
‘Dear, Paradiso, Project space Re/turning, Gunsan
‘4482’ celoart gallery, Seoul
‘Beyond the frame’ TAKSU Gallery, Singapore
‘100 Movies 100 Artists’ Avenuel Arthall, Seoul
‘PHANISM’ Cyart space, Seoul
2018 ‘100 Korean Albums 100 Artists’ Avenuel Arthall, Seoul
2017 ‘Eve project Owl Team-Kinetic’ Vivaldi art house, Siheung
‘Kinetic Art’ Yeulmaru Museum,Yeosu
‘Go to Busan’ Lotte?Gallery, Busan
‘100 Albums 100 Artists’ Avenuel Arthall, Seoul
2016 ‘The meeting of art and science’ Posco Gallery, Pohang
‘Up Beat’ Seoul Dance Center, Seoul
2015 ‘Material Witnesses’ TAKSU Singapore, Singapore
? ??? ‘ART?Plage-RAINBOW BEACH’?Lotte?Gallery, Seoul
???? ‘Imagination Garden’ GS Caltex Yeulmaru Museum,?Yeosu
??? ? ‘From Moment To Moment’?Jeju?Museum of Art,?Jeju
2014 ‘Ring the Bell’?Totte?Gallery, Seoul
??? ? ‘Occupy?Jungmiso!, Gallery?Jungmiso, Seoul
??? ? ‘The Difference’?lespace?71, Seoul
??? ? ‘Nostalgia for Masterpieces’ AK Gallery, Suwon
2013 ‘Noumenon’ LIG ARTSPACE, Seoul
????? ‘British Impact’ Gallery?Leebae,?Busan
‘Magic of Combination’ Space CAN Seoul, Seoul
‘Wind as Motif in Art’?Ewha?Womans?University Museum, Seoul
‘Can Can CHINA!’ Space CAN Beijing, Beijing
‘NAS 2013’?NaMu?Modern&Contemporary?Art, Seoul
‘Gravity and Time’ SOMA, Seoul
2012 ‘Festival O!?Gwangju?Media Art 2012’, 5.18 Squares,?Gwangju
‘KOREAN EYE 2012’ Saatchi Gallery, London
‘Exterior’?Art+Lounge?Dibang, Seoul
‘Interior’?Hangaram?Art Museum, Seoul
‘The Garden of Sense’ Garden Five, Seoul
‘Hybrid’?Changwon?Asian Art Festival,?Changwon
‘Nasi?Campur’ TAKSU Gallery,?Singapore
2011 ‘no-map’ Seoul Art Space HONGEUN, Seoul
‘Para-technologies for arts’ POMA, Pohang
‘The new world of light’ Moran Museum,?Namyangju
‘Haein?art project’?Haeinsa?Museum,?Hapcheon
‘Bed Romanticism’?Arko?Art Center, Seoul
‘The Earth’?Seongbuk?Museum of Art, Seoul
‘Kinetic?Art-art&play?2011’?Hangaram?Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
‘Kinetic Art’?Gong Art Space, Seoul
‘The 10th?SongEun?art award Exhibition'?SongEun?ArtSpace, Seoul
2010?‘Lack of Electricity II’?Space Can, Seoul
‘First Decade’?Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
‘NEO SENSE’?Savina?Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
‘ICONOTEXTES’?Jeju?Museum of Art,?Jeju
2009?‘No...’?Gwangju?Museum of Art,?Gwangju
‘Against the Sculptural’?Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
‘Propose 7 (vol4)’?Kumho?museum, Seoul
‘VISTAS’?Incheon International Digital Art Festival (INDAF09), Incheon
‘TWO+’?Chongwoon Choi, Jae eon?Byun?Duet exhibition, EVE Gallery, Seoul
‘Exciting Art Museum: Meeting Kinetic art’?Gyeongnam?Art Museum,?Changwon
'The Game for Respect’?Seogyo?Sixty 2009,?Sangsangmadang, Seoul
2008?‘4482’?Barge House, OXO Tower Wharf, London
‘The fascination for Life’?Gallery LVS, Seoul
‘Chongwoon Choi,?Yeongsik?KimDuetexhibition’?SUPEX Hall, KAIST, Seoul
2007?‘Heavenly Garden’?KIMI ART, Seoul
‘HOT’?Collyer?Bristow Gallery, London
'The Open’ Korean Contemporary Art,?Kingspark?Studio, London
‘LOST&FOUND’?The Brick Lane Gallery, London

2019 30th Kimsechoong Young Sculpture Award
2018 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for the Art & Culture
2012?SeMA?young artists
2012?SongEun?Art Award,?SongEun?ArtSpace
2010?SongEun?Art Award,?SongEun?ArtSpace
2009?NArT?Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for the Art & Culture
2008 Arts Council Korea

BETWEEN THE LINES-Volume 7, RxART, New York?

2013?????? P.S. Beijing, 17th Artist, Beijing, China???????????????
2011?????? Seoul Art Space HONGEUN, 1st Artist (Long term), Seoul, Korea
2009-2010 Seoul City?Nanji?Art Studio, 4th Artist (Long term), Seoul, Korea
2008-2009 National?Goyang?Art Studio, 5th Artist (Long term),?Goyang, Korea?

Seoul Museum of Art
Incheon Free Economic Zone?
Marcy?Mccall?Macbain?Collection, London