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Sin ifie
2010 Ecole europeenne superieure de l'image, Media art, MFA, France
2007 Ecole europeenne superieure de l'image, Art, BFA, France

2020 A cold bird on the dead mountain, Onsu Gong-gan, Seoul
2019 Emotion of leg, SeMA storage, Seoul
2018 A sleep in whiteness, SongEun ArtCube, Seoul
2016 Laboratory Observation; corps paysage, Space 9, Seoul

2020 Woher weht der wind und wohin, Koreanische Kulturzentrum, Berlin
2020 Media art project, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2019 A little comfort, relationship, Gimpo Art Center, Gimpo,
2019 Multu tap, JCC Art Center, Seoul
2019 A-side-B, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul
2019 Summer Love, SongEun Art space, Seoul
2019 Micro Life: becoming mushroom, Seoul Urban art project, Seoul
2018 Promenade en beton, Weekend 2w, Seoul
2018 Artist On The Move, MMCA Residency Goayng, Goayng
2018 Echolocation, KHOJ, New delhi, India
2018 The secret of two companions, SeMA storage, Seoul
2018 No matter how thick the glass, Basis Project space, Frankfurt
2018 Slightly inclined ears, Daecheongho Art Museum, Cheongju
2018 Discomfort on purpose, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul
2017 ArtiST Project POP-UP LAB, DaeJeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
2017 Art island Tokyo, Jinno Maru, Tokyo
2017 Micro Politics, Space xx, Seoul
2016 Laboratory; Another Death, Waley Art, Taipei
2016 Opening half-closed eyes, Seongbuk Art Space, Seoul
2015 Sum of interior angles, Barim, Gwangju
2015 (CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival, Taipei

2019 Video Spectrum Dance, Elephant space, Seoul
2019 The Stream Screening day#22, Theatre Sinchon, Seoul
2019 Seoul International New Media Festival, Lotte Cinema Hongdae, Seoul
2018 Winterreise : Montage des wanderns, Platform L, Seoul
2017 Do si si do Mi re do si, Seoul Dream Art Center, Seoul
2017 Do si si do Mi re do si, Sejeong Art Center, Seoul
2016 Do si si do Mi re do si, Sekyo Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2016 Urbane Sanity, Mu, Seoul
2015 Walking alone on a clear night, Ansan Art center, Ansan

2020 SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul
2019 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul Foundation for Arts and culture, Seoul
2018 Basis (exchange program of MMCA Residency), Frankfurt, Germany
2018 MMCA Residency, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
2017 Nomad AIR, Oslo (Arts Council Korea)
2016 Waley art, Taipei
2015 Barim, Gwangju
2013 Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju
2012 Lasecu, Lille, France

2020 Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Grant, Gyeonggido
2020 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Grant, Seoul, Korea
2019 SeMA Emerging Artist, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2018 KHOJ Artist selected, Korea Culture Center, New delhi, India
2018 MEET Selected, Seoul Foundation for Arts and culture, Seoul
2017 SongEun ArtCube Selected, SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul
2017 Nomad AIR_Oslo Selected, Arts Council Korea, Seoul
2016 N Artist Selected, Seongbuk Culture Foundation, Seoul
2015 New media art 2015, Selected, CICA Museum, Gimpo
2012 Des fils et d'encres selection, La direction du Patrimoine Culture, Lille, France