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jisun shin
M.F.A. at the Graduate School, Sungkyunkwan University, seoul, korea
B.F.A. at the college of Fine Arts, Sungkyunkwan University, seoul, korea

2019 'Sound of Eyes' (SeMA Storage, Seoul, Korea)
2015 'Sometime, Someplace' (Seoul Art Space 333, Korea)
2013 'The panorama of collected stories: Sangdo-dong' (Space MASS /Hal할Porject (Seoul, Korea)
2009 'Wonseo-dong' , INSA Art Space (Seoul, Korea)
2008 Project apt-tour in Saint Jean Port Joli, Bureau Touristique (Quebec, Canada)
2006 ' Apt-tour', Brain Factory, (Seoul, Korea)

2women Show
2008 'Pour Faire Joli' -Elvire Bonduelle, Ji-Sun Shin 2 Women show (Gallery La vitrine, Quebec, Canada)
2008 'Landscape Architecture' -Ji-Sun Shin, Che Jinsuk 2 Women show (Art Space Plastic,Incheon, Korea)

Group Show
2018 ' Antigentrification-criticised daily life' (Alternative space ipo, seoul)
2018 Flow Scape (nobat art school, Paju)
2018 Let's make together-Union Art Fair(S Factory, Seoul)
2018 Fresh Art Fair (Skku gallery, Seoul)
2017 Unification: Art, Tea, Music ( Baesan ware house, Seoul)
2017 Close to close (Dongduk Art gallery, Seoul)
2017 Union Art Plus (Insa 1gil, Seoul)
2016 Flowers, Encompassing Time (Seoul Museum of History, Seoul)
2016 Young Artists Project 'New Visual Culture' (Exco, Daegu)
2016 UNION Art fair ( Samsung blue Square Nemo, Seoul, Korea)
2016 Place & Footnote (Seoul Art Space, Korea)
2016 'O'newwall Hanging together' (Space onewall, Seoul)
2016 'Line' (leejunga gallery, Seoul)
2016 in case of fire, proceed to nearest exit elevator xx stairs ok (Space XX, Seoul)
2015 'Mi.In.Do Project' (Mari hill/Space onewall, Seogbuk art foundation, Seoul)
2015 'Boundary condition' (Skku art gallery, Seoul)
2015 'Real DMZ Project' (Dongsong , Cherwon/ Art sonje Center, Seoul)
2015 'Paint Over: Love, Travel, Business' (The win Art House, Seoul)
2014 'The Tomorrow of Creative' (Seoul City hall Space, Seoul)
2014 'Invisible City' (Space Our Monster, Seoul)
2014 'Let's hang whatever you can carry' (Space Onewall, Seoul)
2014 'The life of Apartment' (Seoul Museum of History, Seoul)
2014 'Workshop in Osan' (Culture Factory Osan(Osan Museum of Art), Osan)
2013 Hal Project 'Collective Diary (Space Mass, Seoul)
2013 Art in Culture 'dongbangyogui' (Space K, Gwang-jul)
2012 Cottonseed: 2 anniversary exhibition(Culture Space Cottonseed, Seoul)
2012 'Memorial Drawing Wall' (Supplement Space Stone & Water, AnYang, Korea)
2012 "is there Bugun-dang in Itaewon?" (Itaewon ggooll&ggooll pool, Seoul)
2011 'Maps Talk' (Art + Lounge Dibang, Seoul)
2011 'Walking in the city' (Lotte Avenue Gallery, Seoul)
2011 'Sketch Project #1_JISun Shin 1/2 ' (Cake Gallery, seoul)
2011 'Fairy Tale' (SungNam Art Center, Bundang)
2011 'why is that 1' (Cake Gallery, Seoul)
2010 'ArtShare' (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)
2010 'The birth of art market' (Solomon Residency Program& Gallery, Seoul)
2010 'Faction' (Culture Space Cottonseed, Seoul)
2010 'Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Seoul '(The Shilla Hotel, Seoul)
2010 'GreenLoveBrown' (Space Green and Brown Pictures, Seoul)
2010 'The Beginning of Love' (Gallery Ryu, Seoul, Korea)
2010 'Urban : Utopia' (Gallery Curio Mook, Seoul, Korea)
2010 'The more, The better' (Gallery Sun, Seoul, Korea)
2009 'Artroad77' (Gallery Art Factory,Korea)
2009 'Aurora' (Gallery Sam, Busan)
2009 'Representation' (Le musee de la memoire vivante , Quebec, Canada)
2008 'ID GIG factory's Holiday' (Art Space Plastic ,Incheon, Korea)
2008 'Seoul Design Olympiad 2008' (Olympic Games stadium, Jam-sil, Korea)
2008 'The 6th summer' (Supplement Space Stone & Water, AnYang, Korea)
2008 'Brain Factory fundraising' (Total Musuem , Seoul, Korea)
2007 'Stress Fighter' (Alternative space Stone & Water ,AnYang, Korea)
2007 'NIce to Meet You' (art house Gallery, London, UK)
2007 ‘samzie Art Mart ' , Ssamziegil Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2006 'Artholic' , Darling's collection_ Duplex Gallery Lounge (Seoul, Korea)
2006 'The Bright Future of Art', Duplex gallery (Seoul,Korea)
2006 'Homo Publicus Agora1 ' Making Wonseo Story ( Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea, Seoul )
2006 'The Gwang-ju Biennale 2006/ Opened Art Market 3section', Gwang-ju Folk Musuem (Gwang-ju, Korea)
2006 'Ssamzie Art Mart ' , Ssamziegil Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2005 'Project of sewoon shopping center ' , Sewoon Shopping Center (Seoul, Korea)
2005 'Yeol' ( Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea, Seoul )
2005 'Seoul Youth Art Festival_Portfolio 2005' , Seoul Museum of Art, (Seoul, Korea)
2005 'Pastich and 15 thief' ,Gallery Moran, (Seoul, Korea )
2005 'Home, Sweet Home' Daegu Culture & Arts Center, (Daegu, Korea)
2005 'Side of Living' ,Gallery Kimjinhye,( Seoul, Korea )
2004 'Trust of pleasure' ,Gallery Barn,( Seoul, Korea)
2004 'Go out into the art' ,( YoungEun Museum of Contemporary art, Kwangju, /Museum of Ehwa Womanuniversity)
2004 'Image curtain' , Gallery Pici,(Seoul, Korea )
2003 '2003 Incheon Meadia Art Biennale'Body scape ', Incheon Center of Art Culture,( Incheon, Korea )
2003 'Memories' , Sejong Center For Arts, (Seoul, Korea )
2003 'The library of imagination' ,(Supplement Space Stone & Water, AnYang, Korea)
2003 'Tipping point', Gallery KwanHoun,( Seoul, Korea )
2002 'Border & Change', Nakatsue YMCA,( Nakatsue, Japan )

2019 Seoul Museum of Art, Emerging Artists & Curators Supporting Program
2013 Art Fund From Arts Council in Korea_Nomadic residency program (Exhibition Plan co-work/ Document A)
2009 Art Fund From Arts Council in Korea
2008 Est-Nord-Est - Conseil des Arts et des lettres Quebec, Canada Council for the Arts
2008 Art Fund From Arts Council in Korea
2008 Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, Korea
2007 Art Fund From Arts Council in Korea
2006 Fund for New Start of New Artists, Arts Council in Korea

Residency Program
2015 Space MASS Residency Program, Seoul, Korea
2014 Geumcheon Artist Residency Program, Seoul, Korea
2013 Papuya Artist Residency Program, Alice Springs, Ausralia
2011 Solomon Artist Residency Program, Seoul, Korea
2008 Est-Nord-Est Residency Program, Quebec, Canada
2002 Nakatue village Art Camp, Oita, Japan'

Exhibition Plan
2015 Paint over: love, travel, business , The win art house, Art director
2014 ‘Report in Seoul’ Australia Nomadic, exchange artist program workshop, planning of cooperation
2013 Australia Nomadic, exchange artist program , planning of cooperation

Public Art Project
2015 ‘MI.IN.DO' Project (Arts Council Korea)
2006 ‘Homo Publicus Agora/ Wonseo-dong project '(Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea)

2014 'Report in Seoul' Australia Nomadic, exchange artist program (ARKO, Arts Council Korea)
2013 39 artists of 'dongbangyogui' in Art in Culture magazine, Korea
2006 'Collective Expectations Collective Potentials: Justice, Artist Forum International 2006 project1:Copenhagen Free University,( Alternative space Pool, Seoul, Korea)
2005 Artists Upgrade Project, Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea